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Welcome to EV Profiler

What does it do?

EV Profiler tells you how far you can drive in any electric vehicle (EV) before you buy one; and very accurately. EV Profiler’s Patent Pending system evaluates your driving conditions as they are today, in your existing car, and predicts your battery needs for the same travel in different models of electric vehicles. This is how you know if you’ll have enough battery range before you buy an electric car!

How does it work?

Everybody drives differently, and that affects how far you can go in an EV. How fast you accelerate, the speed you drive, up hills or down, highways or local roads, and other factors affect EV range. The EV Profiler driving data recorder (DDR) gets placed quickly and easily in your existing car. You simply drive your normal drive for a week or so and the DDR tells you your electric vehicle battery needs from your personal, real world driving.

Isn’t there an app for this?

Sure, and we developed it, but it’s not accurate enough. Why? Where and how you actually drive changes real world EV battery range by over 50%! So estimating traffic speeds and conditions is useless unless you like half right answers, and while smart phones are powerful they just don’t have the accuracy and type of sensors needed. If you really want to know how far you can go in a particular EV, only EV profiler’s dedicated hardware, with the right motion sensors can give you an accurate answer. The really good news is that most of today’s electric vehicles are very capable and should have plenty of range…and knowing that before you buy is smart.

What are the details of how this works?

The DDR in your car records your cars motion, exactly. Every night the DDR sends via cellular this motion related data to EV Profilers computers. The system then determines the battery needs of the EV you are interested in from your personal, real world driving. The computers analyze your driving routes and produce a report that shows what your battery gauge would have shown throughout the day as if you’d driven in a particular electric vehicle. The report is emailed to you daily and you also receive a summary report of your electric driving needs at the end. You can even change the type of electric car you’re comparing. At the end of the evaluation simply return the DDR. Now you know how far you can go.

Who needs one?

Whether you’re a fleet manager or a Sunday driver determining your electric vehicle range needs is fast, easy and inexpensive. You wouldn’t buy a used car without a vehicle history report! Don’t buy an electric vehicle without an EV Profiler personal range report.

Where do I get one?

Simply rent an EV Profiler DDR from us or a local auto dealer, it’s less than a vehicle history report an likely more valuable.

Take the test evaluation today!

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